Streamfeeder Polybag Wrapper

The Streamfeeder QuickWrap™ Polybag Wrapping System is the ideal solution for wrapping magazines, mailing publications, brochures, catalogs, books and more. Streamfeeder QuickWrap is great for shorter jobs that are not cost effective to run on large wrapping, bagging or inserting systems.

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Streamfeeder Magazines

Streamfeeder Books
Streamfeeder Product literature
  Streamfeeder Catalogs  

The compact, Modular Streamfeeder QuickWrap can be manually fed, or it can be fitted with 1 to 4 Streamfeeder feeders/dispensers (see our Streamfeeder StreamLine V4). It can also be integrated into a host system such as a swing arm inserter (with optional interface).

Low cost and portable, Streamfeeder QuickWrap produces up to 50 quality center-sealed packages per minute.


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