Streamfeeder AutoStream™
Model P1

Designed to be a flexible "Bulk Product" loading solutions that easily integrates to a variety of host equipment including addressing bases, swing arm inserter hopper stations, rotary drum feeders, and much more.

The Streamfeeder P1 features a modular design, 6-foot loading capacity, easy height adjustment, system "Jog", and Stack Height Monitoring Sensor.

Applications: (click to view video)


Streamfeeder Collation System

Streamfeeder Single Feeder System
Technical Data    
Maximum Product Size: 12 W x 12 L in (304 x 304 mm)  

Minimum Product Size:

3.625 W x 5 L in (92 x 127 mm)  
Min/Max Product Thickness: .003-.75 in (.076-19 mm)  
Conveyor Belt Speed: Variable up to 300 ipm (7620 mmpm)  
Electrical Requirements: 115vac, 60Hz, 3A  
Table Height (adjustable range): 45-58 in (1143-1473 mm)  

















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